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Short, crime, 17′, 2007 (director, editor)
Harry Brompton was born on July the 27th 1973, Crowley, in Sussex, England.
At the age of 15 he murdered with a golf club a young married couple in their own house in Bristol. The Press nicknamed him “Liver” because he had eaten up and swallowed both corpses’ liver and afterwards convicted double premeditated homicide. After 18 years’ imprisonment in a Maximum Security Prison mental institution in Yorkshire, “Liver” came out of prison…
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  • The End of the Pier (West Sussex)
  • Noir in Festival (Courmayeur)
  • Pesarhorrorfest (Pesaro, Italy) Special Jury Mention and Angela Buccella Award
  • Tohorrorfilmfestival (Turin, Italy) Jury Award and Special Mention for the actor Ottaviano Blitch
  • Margherita Short Film Festival (Margherita di Savoia, Italy) Best Actor for Ottaviano Blitch
  • Kardiopalmo Thriller Horror Film Fest (Turin, Italy) Best Script
  • Cinesogni Ravenna (Ravenna, Italy) Best Film

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