Director-writer-editor-DoP. I have written and directed TV shows (Sky, RAI), feature films, shorts, documentaries.
In 2017 I co-wrote, co-directed and co-produced “PIIGS” a feature documentary about Eurozone, Austerity and the economic crisis. Narrating voices: Claudio Santamaria, Willem Dafoe. Theatrical release: April 27th, 2017. Distribution: Fil Rouge Media.
Spread Zero (head writer), comedy webseries about economics, won as best Screenplay at Rome Web Fest in 2015.
In 2014 I directed “Angelika”, a short thriller about a dark heroine seeking revenge against the one who kidnapped her young sister. “Angelika” won the Online Film Festival Award in 2015.
“Nuit Americhèn” (director/screenwriter, 2013), a short horror comedy with major Italian actors Gian Marco Tognazzi and Regina Orioli.
My shortfilm “Liver” (written and produced by Ottaviano Blitch), a horror story about an English serial killer, received excellent reviews, festival invitations and many awards. As well as “E.N.D.” (2012), a tv series pilot wich in 2015 became the first chapter of a zombie feature film I co-wrote and co-directed (“E.N.D. – The Movie”). I also co-wrote and directed the third chapter of the movie (“Z-Sapiens”).
I made my narrative feature debut in 2005 with “Il mistero di Lovecraft – Road To L.”. After screening at numerous top international festivals, the film won the 2005 Fantafestival, picking up the European Silver Mèliés Award, which was presented in Helsinki at Espoo Ciné.
From 1997 to 1999 I wrote, directed and produced “Stanley and Us”, the longest documentary ever about Stanley Kubrick that was distributed throughout the world.
I teach (or have taught) screenwriting and film direction at a number of film schools (among these the Perugia Academy of Fine Arts, CSC, IULM, DAMS, Zelig Film School, Cineteatro, Link Campus University, Università Lorenzo De’ Medici Roma).
My works have been distributed by: RAITRADE, RAROVIDEO, 01 Distribution, Paramount (Spain), Mondadori Electa, RCS.
Some festivals: Screamfest LA, BARS (Argentina), Sitges (Spain), Noir In Festival (Courmayeur), Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (Holland), FantasPorto (Portugal), Torino Film Festival, FilmQuest (Salt Lake City), Fantafestival (Italy), Icon (Tel Aviv), Puchon (Korea).
2018 PROGRAMMA ITALIA – EMERGENCY (documentary, 5×26′) – co-writtend, directed, edited
2017 PIIGS (co-direction, feature documentary, 72′ – 54′) – co-written, co-directed, edited and co-produced
2016 Sinnò me moro (short, 20′) – co-written and edited
2015 E.N.D. The Movie (co-direction, feature, 84′) – co-written and co-directed
2015 SPREAD ZERO (webseries, 3×6′) – head writer
2014 Angelika (short, 21′) – directed
2013 Nuit Americhèn (short, 24′) – co-written and directed
2013 E.N.D. (co-direction, short, 26′) – co-written and co-directed
2011 Voci migranti (documentary, 53’) – written, edited and directed
2009 Piero della Francesca and the Polypthic of Mercy (documentary, 52’) – written, edited and directed
2007 Liver (short, 17’) – directed and edited
2005 Il mistero di Lovecraft – Road To L. (co-direction, feature, 86’) – co-written and co-directed
2005 Fuori fuoco (co-direction, documentary, 72’) – co-written, edited, co-produced and co-directed
2004 H.P. Lovecraft – The forgotten diary (co-direction, documentary, 26’) – co-written and co-directed
1999 Stanley and Us (co-direction, documentary, 58’ + 15’x38) – co-written, co-produced and co-directed